Cast Member previews officially started on September 11 for the Disney Skyliner.  It’s been so much fun watching these lucky folks take their first historical ride on this iconic new transportation system.  Recently, I had an anonymous cast member reach out to me and share the details during a first flight!  Here is the description word for word. 

“I rode today, and was very impressed with it!  We were told at every station no photos or videos.  I boarded at DHS station and got to Caribbean Beach, and everyone gets off there. There it’s a very open area, with very clear direction where to go. You get off the DHS line, and walk straight forward and go right and it will take you Pop, AoA way.  Go left and it goes to Riviera Resort, Epcot, so I went left.”

Disney Skyliner cast member testing
“Got on, got to Riviera, and was told to stay on, but getting off is an option too when the resort eventually opens, then was on the long ride to Epcot and it was awesome!  It drops down near the gas station to do a 90 degree turn, then goes back up and goes to Epcot.  I was asked to get off at Epcot, then just walked around the station (behind construction walls) and got back on and did it in reverse, got to Riviera, stayed on, switched at Caribbean then landed back at Epcot.”
Disney Skyliner cast member testing
Disney Skyliner cast member testing
“The cabins are very breezy, with the option to keep windows open or close them. I kept them open and felt a nice breeze the entire time. There are 2 benches facing each other, they said could fit 5 guests each, so 10 per cabin. There’s also audio on board which is awesome, telling us our next destination, what we’re passing etc.  There’s also 2 emergency call boxes inside which I assume gets you in contact with someone in a Tower room somewhere monitoring the system and can talk to you if something were to happen.”
Disney Skyliner cast member testing
“The ride from Caribbean to Epcot is 30 min. round trip, so this should definitely help and take some pressure off the buses. I was really hesitant when I first saw this, but I think it’s really great.”
Disney Skyliner cast member testing
“Also, the cabins without the wraps give a MUCH more 360 degree-ish view, where the wraps do block some of the view, but it’s all still really good views!”
This leaked photo from inside a gondola was also brought to my attention and was apparently taken by a completely different anonymous cast member.  It gives us an idea of what pictures may look like through the character wraps and tinted glass.
Disney Skyliner cast member testing
Leaked photo taken on board the Disney Skyliner (source unknown)
Overall, I think most of this cast members description matches what I have been talking about for some time now.  The one thing I personally didn’t know about, is the on board call box to reach a dispatcher in case of an emergency.  This adds to the high level of care that Disney has put forth to ensure guest safety.
The Disney Skyliner will open to the public on September 29.  Make sure to follow PASSPORT TO THE PARKS for the best Disney Skyliner information and fun.



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