Lead Stories

Lead Stories


Disney Skyliner Construction Update July 2018 Complete Picture And Video Tour

The Disney Skyliner is quickly taking over the Disney landscape.  Towers are springing up at resorts, in parking lots, on roadways and even through the woods.  Skyliner stations are under heavy construction, preparing to board future riders. Disney is rapidly...

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Construction Update March 2018

I took another walk around the Caribbean Beach Resort on March 26, 2018 to check up on the current construction progress.  There has definitely been progress since my last update in February.  Here are some points of interest. Old...

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Construction Update April 2018 Full Picture and Video Tour

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort is making construction progress as it rolls towards completion, hopefully by early fall 2018.  The original timeline called for August, but I am now hearing September / October.  The wait will be worth it as...
Disney World Mini Van

Minnie Van Service Now Open to all Visiting Walt Disney World Resort

Last summer we shared news of the new Minnie Van transportation service available at Walt Disney World Resort. Today, we’re excited to share that the service is now available for everyone at Walt Disney World Resort, through the Lyft app. The service offers...

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Construction Update July 2018 Video And Pictures

Construction at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is moving along at a quick pace.  Since my last update, there has been progress made with Centertown, the Disney Skyliner and the Riviera Resort.  I take an in depth look through the...

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Construction Update May 2018 Video and Picture Tour

I made another trip to Disney's Coronado Springs resort to see how they are coming along with construction.  They are moving at a fast pace, especially compared to my last update in April.  The resort is set for completion during the...

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Construction Update July 2018 Video and Pictures

Today was another great experience at Disney's Coronado Springs.  So much has changed since my last update, it's hard to believe all the progress that's been done.  They are moving at such a rapid pace, it certainly looks like...

Disney’s Coronado Springs Construction Update April 2018 Full Picture and Video Tour

Disney's Coronado Springs is moving along with their construction since our last update in March.  Now, here is the update for April 2018.  The resort is set for completion during the summer of 2019. What's happening: A new luxury tower...
Star Wars Resort

Location Announced For Star Wars Immersive Resort Planned for Walt Disney World

Last summer, plans for a Star Wars-inspired destination at Walt Disney World Resort were unveiled at the D23 Expo. Today Disney announced the location of this exciting addition, which is currently under development on the south side of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, just east of...

Back To Pepper Market at Disney’s Coronado Springs For A Rice Bowl Review

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