Epcot Meet & Greets

Epcot Meet & Greets

Ralph and Vanellope Disney Parks

Ralph and Vanellope Go from Breaking the Internet to Visiting Disney Parks This Fall

Disney’s all-new animated adventure “Ralph Breaks the Internet” is coming to theaters November 21. To celebrate, Ralph and best friend Vanellope von Schweetz are once again venturing beyond Litwak’s arcade for special appearances in Disney Parks. Beginning November 9, Disneyland Resort guests...

Princess Crawl: Meeting Every Disney Princess Around World Showcase At Epcot

Most Disney fairy tales tend to take place in various countries around the world.  Sleeping beauty for example, is set in France, as well as Beauty and the Beast.  Queen Elsa unleashed her Frozen powers in Arendelle, which is...

Lucky Chance Meeting Princess Ariel At Epcot

It was so lucky to find Princess Ariel greeting guests at Epcot's International Gateway.  She was very sweet and very kind and loved being next to the water.  It made it easy for her to transfer between her mermaid...

A Beautiful Day To Meet Belle In France At Epcot

Belle usually passes the time reading her books in the castle library or spending time with Beast.  Every now and then she likes to take a stroll by the water and meet with the villagers.  I was lucky enough...

Meeting Baymax from Big Hero 6 at Epcot

So I was getting all of my footage together for the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival and happened to walk by the Disney Character spot.  I couldn't resist going in to meet Baymax.  He is so big and...

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First Look Inside the Disney Skyliner Gondolas

The Orlando Sentinel was recently given an exclusive first look at the brand new Disney Skyliner gondolas at Walt Disney World.  According to Dean...