Contempo Cafe MonorailOften overlooked and unappreciated, in my opinion, is the Contempo Cafe inside Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Its location is both beneficial and detrimental because it is on the main concourse of The Contemporary Resort, which means that it is possible to be seen by many, but is often overlooked since most look past it to Chef Mickey’s or possibly believe that it is part of Chef Mickey’s itself.

IMG_5098-2The Contempo Cafe is a great place to stop and have a meal on your Magic Kingdom day if the food at the park does not seem appealing or if you need that midday break from the chaos. Since it is the very next stop on the resort loop monorail it takes no time to hop over to The Contemporary to relax, take in some shopping and of course have lunch at The Contempo Cafe. When finished with your meal you can walk it off by leisurely walking back to Magic Kingdom via the walkway or you can ride the resort loop monorail all the way around until you reach Magic Kingdom.

Blackened Chicken Flatbread
Blackened Chicken Flatbread

The Contempo Cafe offers flatbreads, sandwiches, salads, burgers, and even sushi. We mainly eat here for lunch but they do offer breakfast and dinner as well. We really enjoy both the Smoked Pulled Pork Flatbread and the Blackened Chicken Flatbread. This time my wife and I couldn’t decide which to get so we got both and took half of each. They are actually large enough for two people to share, which is what we will definitely do on the next visit. We both decided that the Smoked Pulled Pork Flatbread had the slight edge. They also offer meals for the kids including Pasta with Turkey Marinara, Chicken Breast Nuggets, Pizza, Burgers, and sandwiches.  Each kids meal comes with two sides and a drink.

Contempo Cafe Pulled Pork
Smoked Pulled Pork Flatbread

IMG_5093-2Contempo Cafe is at a Disney Resort so if you are on the Disney Dining Plan your resort mug will work to get refills at the drink station. This can also be helpful if you just happen to be taking that midday break at The Contemporary and would like a tasty beverage. As I always recommend, if you have your resort mug and decide to use a meal credit at The Contempo Cafe grab a bottled beverage as your drink to save for the park and use your resort mug to drink with your meal. Contempo Cafe also has a fixin’s bar for your hamburger with lettuce, tomato, onion, etc. Always nice to have one of those to fix up your burger just how you like.

IMG_5079-2While dining you have amazing views all around. The monorail passes overhead and if you look one direction you have the amazing mural and on the other Chef Mickey’s. You can relax and enjoy the view while you wait because at Contempo Cafe they hand you a pager after you order and bring your food to you when it is ready. After lunch you can walk through the gift shops, check out the arcade, or step out on the patio to take in some great views overlooking Magic Kingdom. Next time you are in need of something new to eat or a more relaxed environment, check out The Contempo Cafe. You will not be disappointed.

Contempo Cafe Overview2


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