Disney Skyliner Begins Emergency Evacuation Testing At Hollywood Studios

Another exciting day watching the Disney Skyliner testing at Walt Disney World.  Sometimes, it’s not always about flashy colors, speed or painting towers…sometimes (and in Disney’s case always), it’s about safety first!


Disney, Doppelmayr, and the Reedy Creek Fire Department were working hand in hand today testing the emergency evacuation procedures for the Disney Skyliner gondolas.


Large cranes, scissor lifts and even a fire truck, were all involved, all working together learning the protocols in the very unlikely case of an evacuation.


The Disney Skyliner (made by Doppelmayr) is an extremely safe mode of transportation.  The ride without a doubt will be smooth, quick, comfortable and very safe.  In case of a breakdown, which could be caused by a bull wheel malfunction, gear box issues or the haul rope moving off center from the sheaves, the ride would have to be evacuated.


Now, I personally am afraid of heights, but after watching today’s procedures, I would have no problem being removed from a gondola.  A flat platform with side rails, literally rose level with the gondola so that guests could simply walk out and be lowered to the ground.  As far as I could tell, no actual riders were being removed, this looked only like a test scenario.

Disney-Skyliner-Emergency-Evacuation-Testing-5 Disney-Skyliner-Emergency-Evacuation-Testing-5

Very impressive indeed.  I know I will feel safe for sure!

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