Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Construction Update October 2018 Video And Pictures

Each time I visit Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, it makes me realize just how amazing it will be once completed.  The construction changes have been so dramatic over the past year, it’s just a testament to how determined Disney is to complete this project by late summer 2019.

Disney Coronado Springs Construction

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Here is what we know and what to expect:

  • A new 15-story luxury tower is being constructed at the front of the resort.  The tower will contain over 500 rooms, including large luxury club level suites.  A rooftop restaurant, bar and viewing deck will provide amazing views of all four theme parks (fireworks are going to be breathtaking).
  • A floating restaurant bar and grill (which we now know is named Villa del Lago) is being constructed in Lago Dorado, the lake in the center of the resort.  Brand new walkways will connect the restaurant to the different resort areas (Cabanas, Ranchos and Casitas).
  • All the rooms on property have completed the renovation process (click here for renovated room tour).  Also take a look at a Junior Suite – King.
  • Pepper Market changed the name to El Mercado de Coronado.  The interior has been updated to reflect the new Mexican theme.
  • The overall theme of the resort has been changing as well.  The color pallet has gone from the rusty orange southwestern United States decor, to a predominantly Spanish theme, based on the artwork of Salvador Dali.  We now see more earth tones (beautiful blue and tan colors).
  • The Dig Site (main pool area) continues to be closed until December 12, 2018.
  • The current El Centro parking lot is closed in order to raise it up to the second floor lobby in the new high rise.  There is a secondary parking area currently in use for resort guests.
  • The current El Centro lobby will eventually be opened and joined to the new high rise giving covered access between buildings.
  • Coronado Springs will be focusing on new technology, especially in the lobby area.  There will no longer be a line queue or check in desk.  Cast Members will greet guests directly upon arrival and utilize a tablet for the check in process.  The current El Centro lobby will be maintained for large groups and convention goers.

Room Renovations

All rooms on property have completed their renovations and are available to guests.  Once the new tower is open, it will have a “9” series of room numbers.


  • Buildings 1-5 are all complete
  • Buildings 1, 2 & 3 are preferred rooms
  • Buildings 4 & 5 are standard rooms


  • Building 6A is complete
  • Building 6B is complete
  • Building 7A is complete
  • Building 7B is complete


  • Building 8A is complete
  • Building 8B is complete
  • Building 8C (formerly 9A) is complete

The Dig Site

The main pool, recreation and playground area is currently closed until December 12, 2018.  All of the secondary pools will remain open during this time.  Unfortunately there are no secondary playground areas on Coronado property.  All of the normal children’s pool activities will temporarily be taking place at the Ranchos pool.  The nighttime campfire and movie under the stars is currently taking place between buildings 1 & 2 in the Casitas courtyard.

Luxury Tower

The 15-story high rise is simply amazing.  It will contain over 500 guest rooms, including club level suites.  The exterior walls are complete and most of the windows have been installed. The rooftop restaurant and observation deck looks impressive with the beautiful dome on top.

Disney Coronado Springs Construction

Disney Coronado Springs Construction

This is not a DVC exclusive tower, you will be able to make normal reservations.  The resort rooms will remain at a moderate price point, while the tower will be at a higher price level.

Disney Coronado Springs Construction

Disney Coronado Springs Construction

The Floating Restaurant

The name of the new floating restaurant is Villa del Lago, and it looks awesome.  The walls are finally up and we can really see how great it looks.  This is certainly going to be a very entertaining and exciting place to spend an evening.  All three boardwalks have the framework built and will make walking to El Centro much easier.  The new restaurant will seat 60 guests, with designated areas set to accommodate an additional 90 guests.

Disney Coronado Springs Construction Disney Coronado Springs Construction Disney Coronado Springs Construction Disney Coronado Springs Construction Disney Coronado Springs Construction

El Centro Parking Lot

The new high rise lobby is going to be located on the second floor, so renovations are currently underway to raise the parking lot up to that level.  A secondary lot is open for guests and eventually all the lots will join into one.

Disney Coronado Springs Construction Disney Coronado Springs Construction

Cast Members

I always love to give a shout out to the amazing cast members at Coronado Springs.  They are truly some of the best and will absolutely go out of their way to make sure your visit is a memorable one.

Disney Coronado Springs Construction

I had a blast spending time at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort today.  It’s always a pleasure to see the construction progressing along so quickly.  I love doing the live streams around the resort and sharing the magic with all of you.  Thank you so much for you outstanding support and I hope to see you all one day soon.  Can’t wait for summer 2019!

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