Disney’s Pop Century Resort

If you are looking for a Disney Resort that takes you back through the years of pop culture, then Disney’s Pop Century Resort is the place for you.  Experience all the fun of the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980′ and the 1990’s all wrapped up into one adventure through time.  Pop Century offers lots of great amenities and is on its way to offering much more.  Come take a full photo and video tour with us and see what it’s all about!

Pop century is currently undergoing some changes and renovations:


Classic Hall, Everything Pop and Fast Forward Arcade

Classic Hall is the main lobby and registration area that is filled with all kinds of memorabilia throughout the last century.

Everything Pop is where you can do all your shopping and get a great selection of food.

Fast Forward Arcade

If you love video games and especially playing them in a classic arcade, then you will have to visit the Fast Forward Arcade (located in Classic Hall).  This is one of the biggest and coolest arcades in all the Disney resorts.  Games range from classic Pac Man and pinballs machines to the most modern racing and dance games.

The 1950’s

Travel back to when Rock N Roll was king, bowling was the new rage and Lady and the Tramp was on the big screen.  Get ready for the sock hop and do the twist in the era where everything was cool and dreamy.

Classic Rock N Roll music can be heard all around this decade, especially in the Bowling Pool area.

The 1960’s

The decade of peace, love and happiness.  Bright colors and flowers are throughout.  Here you’ll fine the main “Hippy Dippy” pool area.  The Jungle book, Play-Doh and Yo-Yo’s were all the rage.

Get your groove on and have some fun around the Hippy Dippy Pool.

Fun Yo-Yo End caps on all the stairwells.  Does anyone remember how to “walk the dog” with their Duncan?

The 1970’s

Put on your boogie shoes and get ready for some disco dancing, some great classic rock and some good old country music.  Remember riding your Big Wheel and playing foosball on Saturday nights?  It ain’t no jive, this is the decade for you!

Although there isn’t a pool directly related to the 70’s area, you can still access the Hippy Dippy pool and the Computer pool with just a short walk.  A giant foosball table, Big Wheel and Mickey Mouse phone claim the center of this decade.  You can also find twister boards at both ends.

Huge 8-Track tapes cover the stairwells on the side of each building.

The 1980’s and 1990’s

Both of these awesome decades are combined together in one area.  They share a common “Computer” pool area and central court.  The 80’s will get you break dancing and trying to remember how to solve the Rubik’s Cube, while the 90’s introduces us to the first laptop computer and cell phone.

The computer pool is a nice size and a little less crowded than the Hippy Dippy pool.  Roger Rabbit, a giant Walkman and laptop computer are the center pieces in the common area.

Rubik’s Cubes close in the stairwells in the 80’s, while cell phones do the same in the 90’s.  You’ll also find Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head saying hello at the entrance.


A nice playground area is located between the 70’s and Classic hall.  This can be a quiet little place to relax while the kids have some fun.

Petals Poolside Bar

Looking to quench your thirst while relaxing by the Hippy Dippy Pool.  Petals has a nice selection of refreshing beverages and food options.

Poolside Fun

Get in the mood to have fun with some beads in your hair, some face paint and a Henna Tattoo (located near the Hippy Dippy Pool).

Disney Bus Transportation

Disney’s Pop Century does offer bus transportation to all the Disney Theme Parks and Disney Springs.  Transportation is located at the front of Classic Hall.

Disney’s Pop Century is certainly very popular among Disney guests.  You get a lot of bang for your buck and you are sure to have a great time traveling through the different decades.

If you would like booking information and pricing for Disney’s Pop Century resort, then just click here!

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