Sometimes we feel the need to get out in the evening but for whatever reason we do not want to head to one of Walt Disney World’s theme parks.  We need a little Disney magic but not too much.  When we are in this position we tend to choose a Walt Disney World Resort to walk around.  We will visit the gift shop and lobby and then walk the grounds.  Sometimes we will stop for a snack or even dinner at their food court.  This type of trip really gives us the opportunity to take everything in and usually notice that Disney touch more so than if we were actually staying at the resort.  This time we chose to visit Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort.


The All-Star Movies Resort along with the All-Star Sports Resort and the All-Star Music Resort make up Disney’s All-Star Resort lineup.  These resorts are value resorts and have over the top and kid friendly theming.  Each resort has oversized décor that really appeals to children and the child in all of us.  The All-Star Movies Resort has five themed buildings and surrounding areas.  These sections are Fantasia, Toy Story, 101 Dalmatians, The Mighty Ducks, and Herbie the Love Bug



The feature pool is in the Fantasia section and is complete with a Sorcerer Mickey Fountain.  Giant broomsticks as well as toy soldiers and even a very large jack in the box are featured along the buildings in this section.  The 101 Dalmatians section is complete with giant dog treats decorated on the walkways and an oversized Pongo and Perdita.  The Mighty Ducks section of the All-Star Movies Resort has a quiet pool called The Duck Pond and resembles a hockey rink complete with Goofy guarding a goal and a scoreboard. In the Herbie the Love Bug section a giant Herbie is cut in half with one half coming out of the building on the right and the other shooting out of the building on the left.  There are tires decorating this portion of the resort as well.  One of the best themed areas of this resort is the Toy Story section.  You walk through a giant door into Andy’s room.  Once inside you are welcomed by a large Buzz Lightyear on your left and a Woody on the right.  Bo Peep and Rex join the party along with a giant checker board with checkers that my sons loved to jump up on. 



The All-Star Music lobby is nice, kind of subdued.  There are pictures from movies on the walls and a nice seating area where those in the party not waiting in line can wait in comfort.  The gift shop had much the same Disney merchandise as any other resort and was, of course, impeccably neat and tidy.  Where I noticed a huge difference was in the food court.  I have stayed at All-Star Sports and All-Star Music before but never All-Star Movies.  When I walked into the food court I was amazed at how beautiful it was.  Ambient lighting in the seating areas and very spacious for a value resort.  I remember the other All-Star Resorts’ food courts being very bright and not much seating at all.  They were laid out rather strange and I didn’t really enjoy the experience.  I know that All-Star Sports food court was renovated last year and that All-Star Music is either getting ready to be renovated or already in the process.  I am interested to see if All-Star Sports has been renovated to look like the food court at All-Star Movies and if so it was a great decision to do so.  The food offerings were better than I expected as well.  They have pepper steak and carved turkey at one station.  They, of course, have the burger station, pizza station, and bakery section as well.  Over all I was very impressed with what All-Star Movies had to offer. 

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Our reaction to the All-Star Movies Resort was a great one.  My wife and I decided that we would need to stay at this resort the next time we decide to stay on Walt Disney World Property.  From the fact that there doesn’t seem to be that far of a walk from any building in this resort to the main building to the very nice food court and pool area we decided that it could be a close second to Pop Century for the distinction of our favorite value resort.  I am very excited to finally stay there and report on the room and bus service but for now my impression of the All-Star Movies Resort is a good one.



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