Every year, fans of Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights eagerly anticipate the announcement of the annual social media meet-up. Past years have included themed parties, scavenger hunts, and elaborate competitions. This year, we wanted to find a way to allow our fans to be the stars of our their own story, so we issued a challenge.

Twenty-five lucky winners were selected at random and invited to star in a haunted house walk-through video that would capture the frightened (and oftentimes hilarious) reactions of them and their guest. While they waited to film their video, they got to hang out in a Halloween decorated VIP Lounge filled with 80s themed games and food. In addition, they also got to be among the first to take a lights-on tour of the Stranger Things haunted house.

Each fan received a ticket to Halloween Horror Nights 2018, the uncut version of their own video to share with friends and family on social media, and the best of the best moments were captured in a supercut edition titled Fans Vs Halloween Horror Nights.

They laughed, they screamed, they attempted to laugh and scream simultaneously, but in the end they had a great time. Watch and enjoy!

Credit: Jimi Kunkel, Universal Orlando Social Media Team



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