Green Army Men Drum Corps Is A Hug HIT At Toy Story Land


Opening Day at Toy Story Land was pretty intense with long lines and huge crowds.  Overall, it seemed to be a success, especially when it came to entertainment.


Andy made sure that his green army men were strategically placed all over his backyard, but they weren’t just there for protection and observation, they were there to have fun.

Toy Story Land Opening Day

Throughout the day the army men made their way through the crowds with lots of toys and props to interact with, but one of the best moments came from these amazing drummers.  Andy’s Green Army Men Drum Corps is definitely going to be a big HIT.  They certainly came out with a BANG!  Ok, that’s enough puns.  Enjoy the video!

Green Army Men Drum Corps Toy Story Land Green Army Men Drum Corps Toy Story Land

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