Think healthy and make smart choices before your trip

Booking a Disney vacation can be one of the best experiences that a person or family can have.  There are so many details to worry about, did you get your passes, book a hotel, find a flight or get dinning reservations?  These are all extremely important items, that shouldn’t be overlooked.  Take a moment though to think about some little tips that may enhance your overall experience and give you a more enjoyable trip.

Don’t forget about yourself.  Making sure your trip is booked perfectly is critical, but take the time prior to your trip to take care of yourself.

Start to move

Most people don’t realize the psychical routine that a Disney or Universal vacation can bring.  Your daily routine might be getting up for work, getting the kids to school, going to work and sitting at a desk for 8 hours, coming home for dinner and then relaxing by the TV.  This may not be everyone’s life, but I am sure there is a majority that can relate to this is some way.  Once you get onto Disney or any theme park  property though, you suddenly realize that a normal day becomes 12-14 hours of WALKING in the hot sun.  Be assured, you will walk MILES each day around the parks.  It’s not a bad thing, but really take it into consideration.

So be sensible about it.  Get up early and hit the treadmill before work.  Take 2 or 3 extra laps around the block when walking the dog at night.  Just get outside and run around with your kids  for a while.  By getting up and moving, your body will slowly star to utilize the little muscles that may not be used on a daily basis.  After a month or two, you will be ready to take on the parks without issue.  You will save yourself the muscle aches and will accomplish more throughout the day.

Be smart about your diet

I am sure everyone want to look and feel their best during any vacation, especially a vacation that requires summer clothing and is sure to be filled with pictures.  So what happens…you go on a crash diet.  Out comes the rabbit food and all the sugar and carbs get cut from your intake.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a fabulous idea to get into shape and start eating right, but you have to realize what you are walking into when you arrive at Disney or Universal.  The food is outstanding and there is plenty of it.  You will be entering the land of gluttony.  You will have access to every food imaginable.  There is quick service, buffet style, dinner shows, snacks, candy and ice cream.

healthy Disney Tips
Holiday Sandwich from Earl of Sandwich
healthy Disney Tips
Bread Pudding from Ohana

You want to enjoy all this wonderful food, but trust me it will slow you down.  If you have been depriving yourself of carbs, sugars and starches, the sudden introduction of these items will shock your system quickly.  Your body will react by feeling heavy and sluggish.  Your best defense is to keep your foods in moderation before your trip and during your trip.  If you have a balance that your body is used to, then naturally you will feel better and have more energy.  Get a plan together and stick to it.  Remember to keep moving!

healthy Disney Tips
Eat smart before you go


Be sure you have the items you need

You will certainly need comfortable shoes.  If you are planning on buying new shoes for the trip, then break them in prior to going.  Blisters occur and you will be left suffering and limping along.

The Florida sun is unforgiving.  If you are planning on traveling in the summer month especially, then be

sure you have protective clothing.  Hats are a must and you may even think about finding longer sleeves if possible.  Most importantly is sun protection.  Take sun screen with you, don’t wait to buy it on property as it will be more expensive.

What is the objective

The objective is to have fun.  Your vacation will be everything you make it.  A Disney trip can be one of the most exciting and anticipated events in your life.  Be smart and plan accordingly to enjoy the experience and not regret feeling terrible.  If you follow these simple tips and think about what is best for you and your family, then I know all of your magical dreams will come true.

Be sure to share your healthy tips in the comments below!


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