Hey Minnie Mouse Fans: “The Disney Corner” Now Open At Disney Springs

What if Minnie Mouse decided to get all of her gal pals together and open a store that primarily catered to woman and girls of all ages?  Well it looks like she Minnie came up with a great place and called it “The Disney Corner”

The Disney Corner is two-stories of Minnie Mouse and Disney Princess apparel and fun.  If you are looking for the latest female Disney character fashions, then you are going to love it here.  You will certainly find lots of princess costumes, jewelry, hand bags, hats, clothing and lots of Minnie polka dots.

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The Disney Corner

As soon as you walk in you know you are in the right place for all your Disney Princess needs.  You can fin dedicated areas for different Princesses throughout the store.

The Disney Corner The Disney Corner

Checkout area is quick and is brightly decorated with these great backdrops.

The Disney Corner

There is no shortage of Minnie Mouse all through the Disney Corner.  Don’t worry, Mickey Mouse does get some love as well.

The Disney Corner The Disney Corner The Disney Corner The Disney Corner The Disney Corner

Find all kinds of jewelry selections like necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pins.

The Disney Corner

A very large selection of Disney charm bracelet accessories can be found on the second floor.

The Disney Corner

Did I mention there is lots of Minnie mouse gear!

The Disney Corner The Disney Corner The Disney Corner The Disney Corner

The Disney Corner is located in Disney Springs and really is a joy to shop or even just browse.  Everyone can appreciate the fun and charm that Minnie and her girls bring to the party.

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