Mother Nature Gets Involved With The Disney Skyliner Testing At Epcot

Recently mother nature decided to assist in unveiling the very first character gondola for the Disney Skyliner at Hollywood Studios.  Today, she decided to rain on the Disney Skyliner parade again…literally.

Disney Skyliner Epcot Severe Weather

Gondola testing is now in full force on the Epcot line running from Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, through the Riviera Resort and into the International Gateway at Epcot.  Expectations were high, expecting to see gondolas running in and out of the unfinished Epcot station, but instead we saw a complete halt as heavy rain, wind and lightning put a damper on the fun.

Disney Skyliner Epcot Severe Weather

The full stop may have been planned, considering the Doppelmayr D line is rated to run in winds up to 40mph.  The gondolas have a predetermined tilt radius from side to side to safely remain on the haul rope.  The main factor is lightning within a five mile radius.  This will shut down the system for safety reasons.

Disney Skyliner Epcot Severe Weather

Today, was likely a mixture of normal load testing, along with weather concerns.  Don’t worry though, there is much more to come.  Everyday is becoming more exciting than the last.  Be sure to follow PASSPORT TO THE PARKS for the best Disney Skyliner coverage!



  1. Your report about the gondolas swaying is why I don’t read blogs by self proclaimed WDW experts. It’s a non story, must have been a slow news day.

    • Thanks for the honest comment. If you watch any of my videos, I am the first to say in no way that I am an expert. In fact I boast about how fun it is to learn something new everyday. I appreciate you stopping by though and hopefully something in the future might make you smile. Have a great day!


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