New Water Evacuation Equipment Ready For The Disney Skyliner

We recently watched as rescue crews practiced evacuations from the Disney Skyliner gondolas at Hollywood Studios.  Large platforms were raised high in the air by crane directly underneath the gondolas.  This would allow passengers to safely walk out and be lowered easily to the ground.


That of course was on dry land, but what happens over the water?  Looks like we finally have an answer.

Disney-Skyliner-Emergency-Water Evacuation Disney-Skyliner-Emergency-Water Evacuation

Disney has been hard at work over the past several days, building a very specialized piece of equipment that will allow gondola evacuations on Hourglass Lake.  A barge has been designed to allow crews easy access directly under a gondola floating above the water.

Disney-Skyliner-Emergency-Water Evacuation Disney-Skyliner-Emergency-Water Evacuation

The barge has two levels with a staircase that will allow guests to walk safely outside of the gondola cabin and onto the platform.  Actual water evacuation testing should occur sometime in the near future.

Disney-Skyliner-Emergency-Water Evacuation

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