As a child did you ever leave your toys in the backyard, only to have it rain on them.  The life of a toy can sometimes be difficult and they have to endure some uncomfortable situations.  This is certainly the case when it comes to weather in Disney’s new Toy Story Land.

Located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Toy Story Land opened to record breaking crowds on June 30.  Massive groups of people, long lines, high humidly and yes, even rain all played a part in the first time celebration.

Toy Story Land Opening Day

The morning hours managed to stay dry, but considering it’s summer in Florida, the rain was sure to come.  As afternoon set in, so did the heavy dark rain clouds, followed by rumbling thunder.  The crowds all began to realize one thing…there was really no where to take shelter in the rain.

Toy Story Land Opening Day Toy Story Land Opening Day

Aside from various table umbrellas (set up mostly for sun cover), there wasn’t a decent place to find cover.  The bathroom area was a small solution, but obviously not designed for large groups of people.  If you were lucky enough to be on the Aliens Swirling Saucers, you had some temporary shelter, but outside of that you were stuck on your own.

Toy Story Land Opening Day

Most Disney goers know to bring umbrellas and ponchos, but in heavy downpours it’s nice to have a roof over your head.  When a cast member was asked about the rain cover issue, they stated, “Andy only has limited resources to build his creations and wouldn’t have worried much about rain cover”.  Now, that’s not an official Disney statement, but it does make sense and keeps us believing in the world Andy created.

Toy Story Land Opening Day Toy Story Land Opening Day

So make sure you are a prepared toy when you enter Andy’s backyard.  Bring your rain protection and yes, don’t forget about your sun protection either.  Just realize, you might be that toy that gets left outside in the rain.

Note: Slinky Dog Dash will be shut down in inclement weather.   

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