For years I have been an avid listener of Walt Disney World related podcasts.  I just can’t get enough of people talking about Walt Disney World.  It was especially helpful before our move to Florida when we were in Ohio dreaming of our next magical vacation.  I would listen on my way to and from work and would spend my lunch hour listening in my car while I ate.  Hearing people talk about Walt Disney World excited me to no end and brought me to the “magic” even when I was 900 miles away.  Now that I have moved to Florida and can visit the parks pretty much any time I want I am still excited about my Disney podcasts.  I will say that the amount of time that I have to listen has drastically gone down but there are still a few that I look forward to giving a listen.  The podcast that tops the list and that I must listen to each episode is the ResortLoop.com Podcast.

The ResortLoop.com Podcast is hosted by two gentlemen affectionately known as ResortLoop Tim and ResortLoop Bob.  In their words “We are an ‘all things Disney’ information and entertainment podcast, hosted by two guys that love Disney.”  They are these things for sure but to all of the loyal followers known as “SuperLoopers” they are so much more than that.  They are friends!  Twice a week they take us with them as they talk about all things Walt Disney World.  They not only take us along, they make us a huge part of the show.  This interaction with the listeners is one of the many elements that makes this podcast an enjoyable listen.  Each show you could be part of the conversation.  Tim and Bob (Bob and Tim) go to great lengths to ensure that we, the listeners, understand how much they appreciate us listening and great care and concern is taken to entertain us with their antics.

Unlike many other Disney podcasts or Disney groups ResortLoop Tim and ResortLoop Bob do not claim to have ameandmug doctorate in Walt Disney World information.  They are both very knowledgeable about the parks and the Disney Cruise Line but they are humble when dispensing this information.  They do not claim to know everything and seem to enjoy any new information that their listeners might give them.  This is a very endearing quality in a Disney Community that can be, at times, very quick to correct someone who may make a mistake when stating information about Disney.  The ResortLoop.com Podcast is a safe environment where anyone from Disney Beginner to those working on their Master’s in Disney can come together and have fun.  There is no fear in this particular Disney community when you hit the post button that someone on the other side is going to berate you for your comments.  Very sure that Bob and Tim (Tim and Bob) would cut that behavior off at the pass.  This makes it a great community of inclusion that allows us all to feel like part of the ResortLoop.com family.

Michael with Bob Coller from "ResortLoop.com" podcast
Michael with Bob Coller from “ResortLoop.com” podcast

I have had the great pleasure of meeting ResortLoop Bob and family at Port Orleans French Quarter this past year and have to tell you that he is as genuine in person as he is on the podcast.  Would have loved to talk to him longer but as always at Walt Disney World we all are always on the go.  Months later I finally had the opportunity to talk more with Bob as well as talk to Tim for the first time when I was a guest on the ResortLoop.com Podcast (Episode #116: Moving to the Magic) talking about Passport to the Parks and Theme Park Local as well as what it is like to live so close to Walt Disney World.  It was a wonderful experience to speak with them and the conversation flowed like we had known each other for years.  Hopefully I will have another opportunity to speak with them in the future.

If you are an avid Disney fan and have not added ResortLoop.com Podcast to your playlist, start now.  If you are new to the whole podcast scene and want a great one to get your feet wet I highly recommend this podcast as well.  For those of you fellow SuperLoopers out there I’m sure you can confirm all of the things that I have stated here.  Feel free to comment below with any reasons you enjoy the podcast that I may have missed.

To Tim and Bob (Bob and Tim): Keep doing what you are doing, my friends, you are a breath of fresh air and am excited to see where the next year takes you both!  Keep the “magic” going and never forget to “Stand Clear of the Doors!”