Princess Crawl: Meeting Every Disney Princess Around World Showcase At Epcot


Most Disney fairy tales tend to take place in various countries around the world.  Sleeping beauty for example, is set in France, as well as Beauty and the Beast.  Queen Elsa unleashed her Frozen powers in Arendelle, which is based in the Netherlands, while Mulan defeated the Huns in China.  Epcot took advantage of the multi-cultural opportunities these stories provided and gave spotlight to many Disney Princesses in their countries of origin.

I decided it would be a fun adventure to find and meet all the Disney Princesses in their respective countries, so I set out on a Princess Crawl around Epcot’s World Showcase.  Along the way I was able to meet Princess Ariel, Princess Aurora, Princess Belle, Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Mulan, Snow White and Princess Jasmine.  They were all so sweet and so much fun to chat with.  I truly hope you enjoy my fantasy trip around the world!

The video posted above shows my entire journey around World Showcase.  I also have individual videos of each meeting that I will post upon completion.

To see more beautiful pictures of all the Disney Princesses CLICK HERE.

First stop was meeting Princess Ariel.  She was so happy to be “Part of this World” Showcase!  Ariel does not have a permanent home in World Showcase, but she was making a special appearance at the International Gateway.  

Princess Ariel Epcot Disney Princess Epcot

Next stop was France to see Princess Aurora.  She was very cheerful, so I assume she got a good night’s sleep.

Disney Princess Epcot Disney Princess Epcot

Sharing the spotlight in France was Princess Belle.  She was out talking with the local villagers and discussing her favorite books.

Belle Epcot Disney Princess Epcot

The temperature was freezing in Norway when I met Queen Elsa, but the cold never bothered me.

Disney Princess Epcot Disney Princess Epcot

Princess Anna was able to warm my heart with her funny charm. She was ready to build a snowman and have a snowball fight.

Disney Princess Epcot Disney Princess Epcot

It was such an honor to meet Mulan in China after she saved us all from the Huns.

Disney Princess Epcot Disney Princess Epcot

I stopped by this wonderful wishing well in Germany and found Snow White wishing for her prince.

Disney Princess Epcot Disney Princess Epcot

My last task was to outsmart the guards in this Moroccan marketplace to take a magic carpet ride with Princess Jasmine.

Disney Princess Epcot Disney Princess Epcot

I had so much fun taking this journey around Epcot’s World Showcase.  I hope you enjoyed coming along with me.  Let me know who your favorite princess is in the comments below.  For more fun make sure to follow along at PASSPORT TO THE PARKS!





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