ToontownWhere Story Book Circus sits today, in Magic Kingdom, had been home to many different incarnations of what was finally Mickey’s Toontown Fair. This area was home to Mickey and Minnie’s summer homes, Donald Duck’s boat, Pete’s Garage (restrooms) and Goofy’s Barnstormer.  Goofy’s Barnstormer still remains but everything else met its demise. My family and I really enjoyed going through Mickey and Minnie’s houses each visit and found the land a whimsical escape for the preschoolers in the group.

Mickey and Minnie’s houses really made you feel like you were guests in their world. We are able to walk through and see their mail on the front table, their clothes hanging in the bedroom. We see that Mickey is trying to do some renovations in the kitchen. It really was a great queue as well as you were able to meet Mickey and Minnie in the Judges Tent beyond Mickey’s house. You could also exit through Mickey’s garage if you were only there to tour the home. Donald Ducks boat offered very little but some water effects and a fun playground atmosphere. I have to admit that we really didn’t head over that direction too often.

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While we miss Mickey’s Toontown Fair we understand that we really only lost one thing: Mickey and Minnie’s houses. We gained dualing Dumbos as well as an indoor waiting area playground to go with it. We also gained a much better splash pad in Casey Jr. Splash and Soak Station. In my opinion the change was a great move for Magic Kingdom but I really wish they could have found a way to keep Mickey and Minnie’s houses. It would have been nice to see them incorporated at a resort possibly. Could it would have worked well at either Disney’s All-Star Movies or Disney’s Pop Century? Maybe unrealistic due to having to staff the area with cast members but I really hated to see them go.

On our last visit before it was closed off we were sure to take many photos to remember Mickey’s Toontown Fair. Here are just a few to take you back.



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