This morning starting at 6am the Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Park will stay open yet again for 24 hours.  They have done this two other times since we have lived down here in Florida and we were very excited when we heard the first one announced.  Back on February 29, 2012, on Leap Day, a similar event took place at Magic Kingdom.  We were very excited leading up to the event and it fell majorly short of expectations for us, so much so that we did not even attempt to attend the next 24 hour event in 2013.  As I went to look for pictures from the first 24 hour event we attended I found one.  It was a picture in front of the “One More Disney Day” sign.  That is all the pictures we have and when I talked to my wife about it she can’t even remember going.  I guess she blocked it out.  While the event is very exciting for those who enjoy this kind of thing, I have to say that my family does not fall into that demographic.  Here is a quick list of reasons we will be Rocking Our Disney Side from home for the next 24 hours.

 one more disney day


I cannot stand large crowds.  It makes it so difficult to do anything from enjoying attractions, a meal, or even just walking around the park.  I really do not enjoy looking at the back of someone’s head as I walk slowly with baby steps towards every destination.  I do my best on a daily basis not to attend the parks when the crowds are going to be heavy so this would be the #1 reason for me to skip this one.

Have a Small Child

We are blessed with two amazing boys; one is 10 years old and the other almost 2 years old.  The thought of having either one of them in a park for a full regular Disney day makes me anxious let alone trying this for 24 hours.  I cannot even imagine the logistics of making this happen with normal crowds but add in capacity crowds and I believe that it would take more patience than I possess.

Not so Unique

Just this morning I have already been hit with at least 30 of my Facebook friends posting pictures from the Magic Kingdom.  I have seen the lines to buses.  I have seen the sign for the event.  I have a feeling that all day long I will be hit with a barrage of pictures from all of those attending.  I think it is great, don’t get me wrong, I love seeing everyone’s pictures and seeing everyone having a great time!  This does not make the event very unique.  I am really not experiencing anything different.  I am simply sharing in the same experience as thousands of others. One might say that this could be true of any day at Walt Disney World but just look to your newsfeeds today and see how many of the same pictures you see.  Is this the same as a normal day?  Not really because on a normal day people are spread out amongst many other parts of Walt Disney World and are not in fear of leaving the Magic Kingdom because they might not get back in.

We are not on Vacation

Unlike most times this is a moment when being local is a major disadvantage.  We are not on vacation and therefor still have responsibilities to take care of.  My wife has to work today and my son has school.  It makes it very difficult to even try to go to the park for 24 hours.  I understand that we could have made plans to attend by taking days off and arranging things to make it possible.  That is a lot of effort to attend an event that as you see from the first three items on the list, does not sound so appealing.

Our Previous Experience

As I stated before we attended the “One More Disney Day” event back in 2012.  We were very excited and fought the traffic into the parks.  Keep in mind that this event was announced very close to the event itself.  I believe that it was announced just weeks before.  This actually helped a lot because people could not plan their vacations around it.  So the fact that it was so hard to get to the park then should be a warning as to what would happen with a well-advertised in advance event.  We finally reached the entrance and got a picture of our son in front of the sign and headed off for our 24 hour adventure.  This was before my youngest son was born so it was just myself, my pregnant wife, and our 8 year old son.  We ran into crowds like I had only seen at Christmas or New Years Eve.  It was impossible to get on any attractions without an hour wait and we started to get frustrated very quickly.  We do enjoy walking around the park and just taking in the sights.  Yep we tried that too ,way too crowded.  We finally after only 3 hours decided it was not worth the hype and went home.  It ended up just being a very crowded regular day at Magic Kingdom.

Only Gaining a Few Hours

During the summer you can stay at the Magic Kingdom until 3am on some Extra Magic Hours Evenings.  Many Extra Magic Hours Mornings the park will open at 7am.  This leaves a total of 4 hours that I cannot see Magic Kingdom.  I’m ok with that.  I typically sleep during those 4 hours.  I don’t know that the park would look much different during those 4 hours than those leading up to them.  People have said that they got to see the sunrise from the Magic Kingdom.  Yes this would be neat and I also believe is possible during some of the shorter days of the year.  I’m sure on those days you could watch the sun rise and set at Magic Kingdom.

With all of this being said, I am sure if the factors I listed above do not pertain to you it would more than likely be an amazing day.  It would more than likely be filled with the excitement of the unknown and meet ups with fellow Disney Fanatics like yourself.  If we had no children my wife and I would probably be right there with you!  It would be worth it for us to make the effort and have an adventure in the park for 24 hours.  I just think that this type of event really appeals to a certain demographic.  I also want those who were not able to make it to Walt Disney World or Disneyland for this event to not feel too bad.  I am right next door and decide to live through all of my friends on Facebook to deliver the sights and sounds from the event without having to go through the aggravation.

To all of those who are attending presently or did attend I hope you had a Magical Experience!  I hope that you will share some of the amazing or not so amazing experiences you had during the event and what advice you would give anyone who was to attend any such events in the future.  Way to Rock Your Disney Side!  You are a more patient person than I.


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