While visiting the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot in 2011, my wife convinced me to go see Sugar Ray in concert.

sugar ray

I will admit that I was never a huge Sugar Ray fan, but there are some moments in life that always seem to change our opinions.

The concert was definitely fun and worth going to , but it was a special moment that really made me see how cool Mark McGrath and Sugar Ray really is. I always had to listen to my wife talk about how hot he is…blah blah blah…whatever…it didn’t matter because he did something that night that was awesome!

sugar ray


During the concert he starting talking about how much he missed his own daughter while on the road and how special she was to him.  He wrote a song especially for her and decided to head out into the crowd to sing it. While passing by, my daughter must have captured his eye or his heart with thoughts of his own little girl, because it was this special act that created the awwww moment of the entire show. He got down on one knee and started to serenade her in front of the entire crowd.

She was torn between this being the best moment ever and being completely bashful. No matter what, she had her little moment in history and so do we.

So props to Mark McGrath and Sugar Ray for putting a smile on a little girls face and thanks to Sugar Ray for changing my mind about being a fan!

Sugar Ray rocks!


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