The Lights Fest Orlando – Thousands Of Lanterns Light Up The Sky


The Lights Fest Orlando

Imagine yourself in a dream.  You close your eyes and see the darkness.  Imagine out of the darkness comes a light.  Then imagine another light, soon hundreds of lights, then thousands, all floating up into the thick black air.  The darkness suddenly becomes something magical, something brilliant.  Imagine if all of your hopes, all your dreams and all your wishes were floating in those lights.  Imagine if those lights represented your loved ones, loved ones that may still be here or may have passed.  Imagine that you could release everything into the light and spend a brief moment reflecting on what’s important.  Open your eyes, because that moment is real.

The Lights Fest

The lights Fest was held in Dade City, Florida on February 17, 2018.  It was a brilliant event that brought together thousands of people to share an experience together.  The experience of creating light and lots of it.

The event began early on Saturday afternoon with plenty of live musical entertainment.  Vendors were on hand to serve up some mouth watering good food.  Lots of really cool t-shirts, blankets, inflatable chairs and kids toys was available for purchase.

The Lights Fest

The Lights Fest

The Lights Fest The Lights Fest

Many people come to the Lights Fest with a purpose.  Writing personal messages on your lantern is all part of the process of preparing for the nighttime launch.  Some believe that adding your dreams, wishes and personal thoughts to a lantern and releasing it into the sky might bring good fortune.  Others like to put the pain of a lost loved one into their lantern and release it up into the heavens as closure or even just a simple way of becoming close to that person once again.

The Lights Fest The Lights Fest The Lights Fest The Lights Fest

The fun kicked up a bit when the sun began to set.  The crowds had some fun as the staff threw out all kinds of awesome free stuff.

The Lights Fest

As the day turned into night, 500 torches were lit so everyone had a chance to ignite their lanterns.

The Lights Fest

Finally the moment had come.  Everyone joined together as music began to fill the air.  Soon after, a few lanterns began to float overhead.  The few turned into a hundred and then thousands.  The dark sky began to illuminate with fiery light.  Slowly they began to rise into the blackness.

The Lights Fest The Lights Fest The Lights Fest

Families and loved ones shared the moment together.  Sounds of wonder and awe was coming from every direction.  Tears of sadness and joy were on so many faces.  It was like no other experience.  Literally something that could only be imagined in a dream.

The Lights Fest

The Lights Fest

The Lights Fest The Lights Fest The Lights Fest

The night was a beautiful success.  There was so much happiness and content.  So many people came to create and share such a breathtaking moment together.  It will truly be something that my family will never forget.

Let us know your thoughts about the Lights Fest.  Have you ever attended anything like this?  How does it make you feel seeing something so beautiful.  Let us know in the comments below!

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