My “Disney Side” Top 10

Walt Disney Company’s latest campaign “Show your Disney Side” has really got me wondering about the ways that I show my “Disney Side.” Disney is such a huge part of my family’s day to day lives that I really don’t notice it that much. I decided to take a step back and look at the things that we do that non Disney fanatics might look at as strange or even obsessed. There were quite a few so I decided to narrow it down to ten. After I share my “10” I would like for you to look at the things that you and your family do to show your “Disney Side” and decide; what are your “10”? After you narrow it down (this may take a while I understand) I would love to hear from you. To be honest this may just be a way for me to get new ideas to further my obsession. Here we go in no particular order.

  1. My Facebook profile picture always has something to do with Disney. Whether it is a picture of my family at Disney, a picture at Walt Disney World, or a Disney character my Facebook and Twitter profile pictures always represent my love for Disney.boyscarsfacebook
  2. Everywhere you look in my house you will see Disney décor. We not only have a Disney inspired room or wall in our house our entire house is Disney inspired.decorcollage
  3. I see Hidden Mickeys everywhere in normal day to day situations. It doesn’t matter where I am I can spot three circles making a Mickey Head. I have seen oil stain Mickey Heads, Mickey Heads on my windshield if it frosts, and yes many times I see them where they don’t exist and am compelled to make them myself.  These instances usually occur when eating foods in the shape of a circle (Fruit Loops, Pizza, M&Ms).fruitloopmickey
  4. I constantly need to listen to Disney themed podcasts. I have a few that I follow constantly and then there are a few that I listen to when I run out of episodes of my favorites
Michael with Bob Coller from "" podcast
Michael with Bob Coller from “” podcast
Michael with Mike Rahlmann from the "Be Our Guest" Podcast
Michael with Mike Rahlmann from the “Be Our Guest” Podcast
  • I own Disney play sets like Spaceship Earth, Cinderella Castle, Sorcerer’s Hat, and monorail just for decoration. They are not played with they are just part of bringing the Disney Parks into my home.playsets
  • My vehicle is Disney-fied as I like to call it. I always have to have something on my vehicles that shows my passion for Disney.
  • Most of our family pictures are taken at a Disney Park. Overwhelming number of our family pictures have been taken in front of the icons at Disney Parks or with Mickey Mouse himself.familycollage
  • I wish every TV show that I watched had a Disney themed episode. As I was watching the Disney Night episode of “Dancing with the Stars” I couldn’t help thinking how a Disney themed episode of all of my shows would bring me great joy. While there are some like “Full House” at Walt Disney World I can’t help but wonder what an episode of every show that I watched would be like if taped at Walt Disney World or had a Disney theme. I don’t know how they could work a Disney theme into Hell’s Kitchen or CSI but I would enjoy watching them try.
  • I have taken the same exact pictures at Walt Disney World over and over again. I can’t tell you how many pictures of Spaceship Earth or Cinderella Castle or even Disney’s Boardwalk that I have. I cannot walk by these things without taking a picture.epcotcollage
  • All day long when making decisions I ask myself “What would Walt do?” Because Walt Disney is responsible for many things that bring joy to my life I greatly respect and look up to him. When making day to day decisions I wonder how Walt would make this decision. How would Walt “Plus” this decision? A few weeks ago I decorated a room for my 10 year old for him to play his video games. As I decorated with posters I asked myself “would Walt be satisfied with this.” I then decided to construct a giant Creeper Head from Minecraft on the wall out of paper plates. It looked great and made a statement. I still wasn’t satisfied as I knew Walt would not have been so I then added lights around the edges of the Creeper Head so that it glowed. I looked at it and said now Walt would have been satisfied. I understand that it is on a smaller scale than what he would have done but he would always strive to do something better, to “plus” whatever he did. I think that this kind of thinking can only lead to better results. 

Now it’s your turn: What are your “10”?

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