The Festival of Fantasy Parade Debut was a gasping success!

It may have been hot standing under the Florida sun, but thousands still waited for the debut showing of the much anticipated Festival of Fantasy Parade.  It made no difference, because people were excited!  Disney has been building the excitement over the past year and today it was finally unveiled…and they did not disappoint anyone.

The shear majesty of the parade is unmatched by anything of recent.  The floats were large and animated. The costumes were bright and colorful.  The music was upbeat and whimsical.  The parade was an obvious success.

Special thanks…video courtesy of Mariann Hall / pictures courtesy of Cindi Dybo

As the parade started with Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and Anna and Elsa, it was obvious we were in for a treat.

The Tangled float soon followed with Rapunzel herself front and center.  The highlights were the swinging pendulums complete with Flynn Rider swaying back and forth.

No one could forget Ariel as the Little Mermaid herself floated by high above on her clam shell.  Costumes played a big part as 2 dancers on foot with rotating seahorse arms danced down the street.

The screams from the crowd became louder as the Pete Pan float approached.  The Lost Boys danced their way down the street, proving that they still never grew up.  A pirate ship high above a rainbow peering from Skull Rock floated through the air.  Peter and Wendy were having a blast aboard the ship, but underneath, hanging from an anchor was the looming Captain Hook.  Where Captain Hook is, you can always count on a large Tic Toc Croc to not be far behind.  Tinker Bell was in the rear being her mischievous self.

It was nice to see Merida finally get her spot in a parade as the Brave float drifted by.

…and then there it was…the gasps from the crowd grew to screams of delight as the dark and overpowering view of a steam-punk inspired dragon began to take shape.  The sheer size and structure of the the Maleficent Dragon was unmatched by anything else…but as the dragon approached the real fun began.  Giant fireballs began to explode from the dragons mouth as the Prince tried to defend himself from the wrath.  This was by far the show stopper that everyone was waiting for.

festival of fantasyfestival of fantasyfestival of fantasy



We fell back into whimsy as the parade neared its end with a huge cast of characters closing out the fun.  Pinocchio, Dumbo, Donald, Daisy and Pluto, just to name a few, made you realize in your heart what the meaning of fantasy is.

festival of fantasyfestival of fantasy20140309_152157


The final act was of course our old pal Mickey and his faithful girl Minnie.  A wonderful tribute to a wonderful parade.

festival of fantasy

We as fans could not ave asked for a better parade, a better performance or a better feeling.  Truly a Festival of Fantasy!




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