Alice Through the Looking Glass Review

Before revealing what we thought of the new Disney Film Alice Through the Looking Glass you should know that my family and I are huge fans of the first live action film Alice in Wonderland. I say this so that you see the lens from which we viewed the film. Because of this, we also had the highest of expectations for the film and were extremely excited. I will try to give an objective and unbiased opinion. I will also keep it brief and spoiler proof.

Alice Through the Looking Glass brings together Tim Burton and Johnny Depp once again and along with the same characters from Alice in Wonderland takes you on yet another adventure with Alice. This within itself was one of the ways that I felt the movie was lacking. We really were only introduced to one more main character in this movie and a few supplemental characters. Even though it adds a sense of familiarity to those who have seen the Alice in Wonderland, it may leave someone who has not seen the original trying to catch up with some of the events of the film. It really does not act well as a standalone movie but rather a continuation of the first.

Alice Through the Looking Glass also seemed much darker than the original Alice in Wonderland. I know that may seem interesting considering the original definitely had a dark tone to it. The difference in this film seems to be the consistent struggles throughout. Just when you think something may be resolved we are again thrown into chaos. This leads me to my next point; Alice Through the Looking Glass can definitely get confusing at times. There was no pun intended with the use of the word time but any time a character jumps through time there are bound to be some confusing moments.

As always the Tim Burton film seems to leap off of the screen. The colors and look of Alice Through the Looking Glass continues the amazing sceneries and brilliant landscapes that I was expecting. Definitely did not disappoint there but still if comparing to the original left feeling a little disappointed. As you can see from the trailer we are dealing with a much more confident Alice in this film and I really appreciated that. The first film dealt with Alice struggling with who she was and we have no need to worry about that in this film.

My 12 year old son gave it a 9 out of 10 for reasons that he could not explain but to say “it was awesome” and he loved it. My wife enjoyed the film even though she found it a bit confusing at times. Overall, I enjoyed Alice Through the Looking Glass but as an addition to the original as opposed to a standalone. I actually cannot wait until it is released for home viewing so that I can watch both Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass at the same time. I believe that is how they should be seen and it would then be quite enjoyable. To see it on the big screen just watch Alice in Wonderland before you head to the theater and it should have the same effect.

Tell me what you thought of Alice Through the Looking Glass.


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