Disney Cast Member Training Begins As Doppelmayr Officially Turns Over The Disney Skyliner

Back in July, I reported that the target date for Doppelmayr to turn over the Disney Skyliner to Disney operations, would be on August 28.  Today, it officially happened.

Doppelmayr, the company responsible for the design and construction of the Disney Skyliner, turned over the keys, allowing Disney cast members to begin their training and testing.

Both the State of Florida and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) have signed off on the project allowing the system to be fully insured.  These critical steps will now allow Disney to start putting passengers on board.

Today it looked like Disney cast members were traveling to Hollywood Studios from the Caribbean Beach in small groups.  The group would then tour the station and return.

After the cast members become more familiar with the system, we can hope for possible soft openings before the actual opening date on September 29.

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