Disney Skyliner Fire Evacuation Testing and Music Heard At The Caribbean Beach Station

Testing continued today on the Disney Skyliner, not through the air, but through sound.  Audible fire emergency evacuation tests were taking place inside the Caribbean Beach station and could be heard across Barefoot Bay.

The video provided by dabner82 on Instagram, clearly shows flashing fire signals along with a female voice stating, “may I have your attention please, there has been a fire emergency reported in the building, please exit the building by the nearest exit”.

Although, the fire test was fun to listen too and extremely important, the best audio came in the form of music.  Disney’s “It’s A Small World” rang clearly through the station and across the water for all to hear.  Dabner82 also reported hearing a steel drum island melody as well, but was unable to capture it on video.  The concept for the station is an open air marketplace, so it makes sense to have festive music playing for the guests.

We are obviously getting close to the September 29, grand opening.  We can literally hear it in the air.  Take a look at more progress around the Caribbean station and the Riviera station.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xSfSN5y_ug[/embedyt]

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