Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Construction Update May 2018 Video and Picture Tour

I made another trip to Disney’s Coronado Springs resort to see how they are coming along with construction.  They are moving at a fast pace, especially compared to my last update in April.  The resort is set for completion during the summer of 2019.

What’s happening:

  • A new luxury tower is being constructed at the front of the resort.  The tower will contain luxury suites, a rooftop restaurant and bar and a viewing deck.
  • A floating restaurant bar and grill is being constructed in Lago Dorado, the lake in the center of the resort.  Brand new walkways will connect the restaurant to the different resort areas (Cabanas, Ranchos and Casitas).
  • More features like lighted boardwalks, landscaping and meeting areas will be added.
  • All the rooms are currently being renovated (click here for renovated room tour).  A map below will explain the renovation progress.
  • The theme of the resort will change from the current southwestern United States decor, to a predominantly Spanish theme based on the artwork of Salvador Dali.

Click here for more pictures

Luxury Tower

The new tower is really starting to take shape.  The exterior walls are going up and the final support beams for the rooftop restaurant and viewing deck are now in place.  You can really see how magnificent this building is going to be.  This is not going to be DVC exclusive.  You will be able to make normal reservations for the tower, at a premium price level.  The views alone will be worth it.

Coronado Springs Construction Coronado Springs Construction Coronado Springs Construction

Room Renovations

Room renovations (in my opinion) seem ahead of schedule.  They are moving along very quickly and should have no problem making the summer 2019 deadline.  Below is a map that I used on my live tour explaining the progress so far.



  • Buildings 1-5 are complete
  • Buildings 1, 2 & 3 are preferred room
  • Buildings 4 & 5 are standard rooms


  • Building 7A is complete
  • Building 6A will soon be completed
  • Building 6B will begin work after 6A is done
  • Building 7B will be the last Ranchos building (no set date)


  • Building 8A is complete
  • Building 8B and 9A have not been started (no date set)
  • There are some rooms that are closed in 9A due to the proximity to construction.

The Dig Site (main pool area) is going to be closed this fall for updates.  All the  secondary pools will remain open during this time.

The Floating Restaurant

The foundation for the floating restaurant looks about the same.  I am sure there is plenty of work being done under the water to ensure the stability.  They are concentrating on the boardwalks leading out to the restaurant.  This is going to make walking much easier to El Centro, especially from the Ranchos.

Coronado Springs Construction Coronado Springs Construction Coronado Springs Construction

The way things keep progressing, I personally think they should meet their Summer 2019 deadline.  Hopefully they will not run into any major issues along the way.  I am still very excited to see this resort upon completion.  It’s going to be stunning, to say the least.

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