New Disney Skyliner Enhancements Coming To The Caribbean Beach Resort

Some people look at construction fencing as a nuisance at Walt Disney World, but I look at it as a new opportunity for something exciting.  Disney certainly is adding some excitement at the Caribbean Beach Resort, with a mystery fence around a very large section of land on the outskirts of Trinidad.

Disney Skyliner construction Caribbean Beach Resort

Within the past two months I spotting a large group of Disney Skyliner Imagineers surveying this exact area.  The team was walking around pointing out different features and discussing it among themselves.  From that point on, the area was marked with multiple wooden posts with pink and red flags.  Today, the area is completely fenced off for some type of construction or enhancement.

Disney Skyliner construction Caribbean Beach Resort Disney Skyliner construction Caribbean Beach Resort

My original thought was a possible walkway expansion, but the fenced area is so large that it seems rather unnecessary to add more walkways into that much space.  Could it be something much larger?  Disney also added this wonderful little sign that clearly states the area will “enhance”  this innovative transportation system!  I like the sound of that.

Disney Skyliner construction Caribbean Beach Resort The current walkway from Trinidad to the street is closed.  The only access to Old Porte Royal is the pathway that runs under the bridge.  It should not affect any travel time to the other side.

Disney Skyliner construction Caribbean Beach Resort

I am very excited to see what’s coming, no matter what it is.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments.  Make sure to follow PASSPORT TO THE PARKS for future information and fun!



  1. Hi Rob!

    First, I greatly appreciate your up to the date chronology and detailed coverage of the progress on the Skyliner. Especially considering the recent high temps you’ve endured. Thank you!

    At the fenced in CBR site, perhaps the grade stakes on the shoulders of the walkways indicate they are not wide enough for the expected increase in pedestrian traffic of SWGE. Given this sites close proximity to the CBR station, the Skyliner hub, and the relatively busy road that a significant amount of people may need to cross in order to depart and return from CBR, it fits. Please keep up the excellent coverage!
    – Papa Pat

    • I appreciate you following along with all the Skyliner progress. I love sharing new things everyday. You are right about the pathway, in fact they have it widened out now. They should probably be repaving it sometime soon.


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