We have been following the construction process at Disney’s Coronado Springs since the very early stages of the tower and restaurant.  After watching for so long, we no longer have to use our imagination, now we can experience a piece of the transformation first hand.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OsaWOw1cYA[/embedyt]

The Three Bridges “Walkways” officially opened to guests on Monday morning and it was a beautiful sight to see people actually crossing over Lake Lago Dorado.

Unfortunately, the Villa Del Lago Bar and Grill is not open just yet, but we did get word that a June 6 date is potentially now on the books.

The three Bridges are beautiful and make the journey throughout the resort much shorter.  Guests will no longer need to walk around Lago Dorado, but can save time cutting directly across.

The details on the bridge are well done.  The deck flooring is very sturdy and there is no shake in the bridge at all.  The hand rails look like solid oak and the lighting is classic and should provide a peaceful nighttime journey.

New signage can be found at the entrance of the bridges and along the walkways.  Wonderful covered seating areas provide a nice place to sit away from the sun.  Even the garbage cans are bright and beautiful with a wonderful new logo that actually includes the tower.

Although the restaurant is still closed off, we can finally get a nice close up view.  The outdoor bar looks comfortable with lots of cushioned seating.  The central bar looks fully stocked and has large flat screens in the center.

The details on the building itself are fantastic.  The landscaping is bright and lush.  The best part are the amazing windmill decorations in front.  Perfectly fun and classy.

 We are certainly looking forward to the restaurant opening in early June and the Gran Destino tower opening on July 9.  Be sure to follow Passport to the Parks for the best coverage as things unfold.



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